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Cybersmart Poster Competition

Work with a team or on your own to create your entry for the Cybersmart Poster Competition.

The winners will be placed in a Cybersmart Comic Book and published on SuperClubsPLUS!

Click here to read instructions and get some ideas.

Cyber Security Survey

How much do you know about cyber security? Do you know a worm from a trojan horse? Have you heard of Phishing?

If not click here to go to the Cyber Security page where you can find out!

Once you've read the information on the Cyber Security page click here to do the survey.

Safer Internet Day Forum

The theme of Safer Internet day this year is...

Think B4 U post!

What does this mean to you? Post in this forum to get the first piece of your badge.

Click here to read more about Safer Internet Day.

Cybersmart-Y-Pants Classroom Code

The internet is really fun but it can also be dangerous. To stay safe it's really important to have your own code for using the Internet.

Create your own Cybersmart-Y-Pants Classroom Code and share your top tips for keeping safe at school. This will help to keep you and your friends safe online.

Click here to find out more.

Comic Book Detective

Use your expert skills to become a cybersmart detective. The Gizmo family need your help to become cybersmart.

Click here to find out more.